The Next Cashback Gold

The Company

Invex ltd
is a American  public company deal with technology platform which manage Cashback for suppliers online and Physical shops all over the world

The company got a technology platform to create more sales and to lower the cost of advertisement by GiftCoin gold coin to pay back customer discounts and free coupons.

The company have R&D team in Israel and international management office in Toronto Canada.

Public Offering

The company passed SEC approval to offer  there’s shares to the public by SEC roles.

The fund which the company will raise is limit in this offering to 20M$.

The company will send full information to investors are interested to be listened for getting shares and to be partners in the company successes.

We are inviting you to be our partner if you can invest min 10,000$.

Investors that will invest min 50,000$ will receive 5% discounts on the shares price.

You are welcome to receive the SEC public offering documents